Roundtable Discussions at the 5th Annual Technology Transformation Conference

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Some of the most meaningful conversations at a conference happen in the smaller settings where you get right to the heart of the matter with authentic, peer-driven discussions. From 2:45PM – 3:45PM attendees participate in roundtable discussions with industry leaders to share insights, exchange ideas, and address challenges collectively.

Helping Leadership Teams Identify and Prioritize Investing in Cybersecurity

There is data showing that spend on cyber security will be down this year, and it will be interesting to understand why and the dangers/implications here.  Jeff Bathurst, Director of Technology Advisory and Cybersecurity at SC&H Group, will lead a roundtable discussion to help leadership teams identify and prioritize how to invest in cyber security, how to effectively keep up and address it every year (evolving threats, complicated insurance renewals, etc).

Roundtable Host:   Jeff Bathurst,  Director of SC&H Group’s Technology Advisory and Cybersecurity

Practical Applications of AI for Businesses

During the roundtable, we will discuss how to apply AI solutions to real-world business problems and challenges, and what are the best practices and lessons learned from successful AI implementations across various domains and industries.

Roundtable Host:  Daniel Cohen-Dumani, Partner, Withum

RTO Trends

Join Charlie Crawford from Vision Technologies for an engaging round table discussion centered on Return to Office (RTO) trends. This insightful session will delve into the evolving landscape of in-person collaboration and the rise of hybrid collaboration options. Get ready to explore innovative strategies, industry best practices, and the latest technological solutions that ensure a seamless and productive transition back to the office. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and contribute to the conversation shaping the future of your workplace for collaboration. 

There are several important topics to consider for a Return to Office discussion:

  1. Safety measures: It is important to discuss the safety measures that will be put in place to ensure the health and well-being of employees. This includes measures such as social distancing, mask-wearing, and sanitization protocols.
  2. Flexible work arrangements: Many employees have become accustomed to working from home during the pandemic. It is important to discuss flexible work arrangements that can accommodate employees’ needs and preferences.
  3. Communication: Communication is key during a transition back to the office. It is important to discuss how communication will be handled, including how often employees will be updated on changes and how feedback will be collected.
  4. Collaboration: Collaboration is an important aspect of many workplaces. It is important to discuss how collaboration will be facilitated in a hybrid work environment.
  5. Mental health: The pandemic has taken a toll on many people’s mental health. It is important to discuss how the company can support employees’ mental health during this transition.

Roundtable Host:  Charlie Crawford, Vice President of Business Development, Audio Visual, Vision Technologies

Coordinated Response Framework to Address Emerging Threats in the Agriculture and Bioeconomy Cybersecurity Space

Andrew Rose is hosting a roundtable discussion on what a coordinated response framework to address emerging threats in the agriculture and bioeconomy cybersecurity space looks like. This discussion will focus on right-of-boom (the aftermath of an attack) and emerging threats, including those in the wild. We will also review threat convergence and response convergence. 

Roundtable Host:  Andrew Rose, Advisor, BIO-ISAC

The Double-Edged Sword of Emerging Tech: Navigating Cybersecurity in the Age of AI and Quantum Computing

This roundtable will explore the dual nature of emerging technologies like AI and quantum computing, emphasizing their potential cybersecurity threats alongside their benefits. We’ll discuss how these technologies are reshaping the cybersecurity landscape, the new types of vulnerabilities they introduce, and strategies for organizations to protect themselves against these advanced threats.

Roundtable Host: Chris May, Security Director, Advantage Technology

Funding and Resources Supporting Startup Success in Maryland

TEDCO provides funding, resources, and connections that early-stage technology and life sciences companies need to thrive in Maryland. During this roundtable discussion, you will have the opportunity to learn more about TEDCO’s investment funds and resources while simultaneously informing TEDCO representatives about your company.

Roundtable Host:  Teddy Gresser, Director of Seed Funds, TEDCO 

Attributes of Master Planned Data Center Communities

The data center industry is navigating the challenges posed by connectivity demands in an increasingly digitized world. Over the past two decades, data center development has predominantly consisted of pop-up facilities worldwide in order to meet demands. However, the industry is now striving for a delicate equilibrium: meeting these burgeoning demands while mitigating adverse effects on local communities and the environment. Enter Quantum Loophole, pioneering the first master-planned data center community, bringing its first project to Frederick County, MD. Boasting a team of seasoned industry experts, Quantum Loophole has utilized invaluable insights from the past 20 years to craft a master plan that accommodates the next decade of growth. During this roundtable session, SVP of Sales & Development, Rich Paul-Hus, will share the key attributes of a master planned data center community.

  • Site Location, Integrated with Nature
  • Preserving the Cultural Aesthetic of Frederick County
  • Enabling the Operations of the World’s First Carbon Negative Industrial Community
  • Renewable Energy & Grid Modernization
  • Efficient Cooling with Recycled Water Use
  • Creek Restoration & Surface Water Management
  • Purpose-Built Municipal Traffic & Utility Improvements

Roundtable Host:  Rich Paul-Hus,  Senior Vice President of Sales and Development, Quantum Loophole

Immersive AR/VR Headsets: Gimmick or Game-changer?

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have attracted considerable attention as cutting-edge technologies. While AR/VR headsets date back many decades, it is only in recent years that they have evolved into practical devices ready for potential mass adoption. These headsets can now generate high-quality images and sounds and allow for diverse sensory inputs, contributing to an overall realistic and immersive experience. The launch of Apple Vision Pro has further fueled the excitement surrounding AR/VR. This roundtable seeks to explore whether these headsets are merely passing trends or if they hold practical and valuable applications.

Roundtable Host:  Raj Shekhar, Ph.D., Children’s National Hospital

Inside the Mind of the CIO

This roundtable will be an open discussion of major key trends and challenges that CIOs are facing.  Topics include (but not limited to): data privacy, risk management, private 5G, AIOps, automation, cybersecurity, hybrid cloud design, LEO/GEO, API architecture, SDWAN, PCI 4.0, and much more.  Discussion will focus on what are the problems and what are the solutions?  Topics will be guided by attendee interest.

Roundtable Host:  Tim Tang, Hughes Network Systems