The Maryland Tech Council is the only technology council in Maryland with a full-time presence in Annapolis. That means that we work year-round advocating for interests of life sciences and technology on behalf of our members. Addressing threats and opportunities on the local, state, and federal levels is one of the most critical factors for the interests of highly competitive life sciences and technology companies. The Maryland Tech Council has an experienced government relations team that represents its members’ interest and seeks to influence policymakers on issues such as technology, life sciences, economic development, capital formation, higher education, transportation, workforce, tax climate, and more.

Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee advises and directs the Maryland Tech Council’s advocacy efforts with legislators and policymakers on issues of importance to the life sciences and technology industries. Membership is available to any association member who wishes to play a direct role in the Maryland Tech Council’s advocacy efforts. The Government Relations Committee gives you the opportunity to influence our efforts and help create the most positive environment for your life sciences or technology business. Through the Government Relations Committee, you can meet important policymakers who influence Maryland’s knowledge economy, form partnerships with other companies interested in government relations, learn about policy trends important to the life sciences and technology industries, play a major role in creating a favorable business climate for your business, and influence the Tech Council’s overall government relations strategy. To get involved, contact Michelle Ferrone.

General Assembly of Maryland Dates of Interest
2023 Session   |   445th Session



1/18/2023 Inauguration of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor

1/20/2023 10th Day – Senate and House Bill Request Guarantee Date

1/20/2023 10th Day – Final date for Governor to introduce budget bill and capital budget bill

1/20/2023 10th Day – Final date for submission of Executive Orders reorganizing the Executive Branch of State Government; either Chamber may disapprove by resolution within 50 days

1/23/2023 13th Day – Administration bills introduced in the Senate after this date referred to Senate Rules Committee

TBA Election of the State Treasurer

TBA Governor delivers State of the State address (noon)


2/6/2023 27th Day — Senate Bill Introduction Date

Senate bills introduced after this date referred to the Senate Rules Committee 9 In order to meet the bill introduction date, House bills must be filed with the Chief Clerk’s office by 5:00 P.M.

2/10/2023 31st Day — House Bill Introduction Date

House bills introduced after this date referred to the House Rules and Executive Nominations Committee

2/19/2023 40th Day — “Green Bag” appointments submitted by Governor (Delivered on Friday, February 17)


3/6/2023 55th Day — Final date for introduction of bills without suspension of rules

3/14/2023 63rd Day — Committee Reporting Courtesy Date Each Chamber’s committees to report their own bills by this date

3/20/2023 69th Day — Opposite Chamber Bill Crossover Date Each Chamber to send to other Chamber those bills it intends to pass favorably Opposite Chamber bills received after this date subject to referral to Rules Committees


4/3/2023 83rd Day — Budget bill to be passed by both Chambers

4/10/2023 90th Day — ADJOURNMENT “SINE DIE” (Monday)