Ravens Legend Ray Lewis Promotes STEM Programs, Inspires Students

BALTIMORE (WJZ)  •  March 7, 2019

Baltimore Ravens legend Ray Lewis brought out his playbook Thursday night, only, it was with robots.

Over 50 corporations across the state went head to head fighting robots to promote STEM education programs and Power52, with the help of the NFL Hall of Famer.

“We have to be able to be flexible where people are given the opportunities to be sustainable in all these STEM programs,” Lewis said. “They’re sustainable, you can take it and use it the rest of your life.”

Lewis’ message was to inspire high school students.

His foundation focuses on training people to get and hold onto a good job.

“How can we take this and give this to our kids that they can use for the next 30 years,” Lewis said. “I don’t want them with a job where they can be fired in a year and then do things we don’t want them to do. How can we re-educate them and give them sustainable jobs.”

Members of the local robotics teams were happy to have the 13-time Pro Bowler at the event.

“To see someone that has this celebrity aspect to it who wants to give back, that’s really amazing,” Tobias Nance, of the Mervo Robotics Team, said.

The proceeds from the event went toward the Power52 Foundation and the Baltimore Robotics Center where kids can learn more about engineering and technology.

“This is the workforce of tomorrow that we’re supporting,” Martin Rosendale, of the Maryland Technology Council, said. “So young people that are learning about science technology and math become the entrepreneurs, innovators and creators in this scientific space.