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I Love my MTC Member-to-Member Referral Program

At the Maryland Tech Council, our purpose is to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth within Maryland’s technology and life sciences community. To further this mission and create added value for our members, we have implemented a Member-to-Member Referral  Program. This initiative aims to strengthen our community, promote networking, and enhance the collective success of our organization and its members.

The implementation of a Member-to-Member Referral Program aligns with our mission at MTC to create a dynamic and supportive ecosystem for technology and life sciences professionals. By fostering collaboration, networking, and knowledge sharing, this program will empower our members, drive the growth of our organization, and play a vital role in advancing Maryland’s technology and life sciences sectors.

Why are we offering a Member-to-Member Program:

  • Drive Membership Engagement
  • Strengthen the Maryland Tech Council’s Impact
  • Promote Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Support Economic Growth
  • Foster Collaborative Connections
  • Expand Networking Opportunities
  • Enhance Knowledge Sharing

“MTC is a must-have for any organization or individual looking to connect with our region’s dynamic industry leaders”

– Tonia Jacobson, Interim Homes

Program Rules

  1. Eligibility: The program is open to all members of the Maryland Tech Council in good standing.
  2. Referral Qualification Criteria:  The referral is deemed successful when
      1. the prospective member completes the online application process here
      2. pays the required membership fees and
      3. either selects ‘I love my MTC Member to Member Program’ as their reason for joining or includes the referrer’s name on the membership application
  3. Rewards: Members who generate successful referrals will receive recognition, which may include public acknowledgment, and prizes. The top three winners will receive gift cards and will be recognized each year during a Maryland Tech Council signature event. New members who join the Maryland Tech Council will receive recognition on social media and through various forms of MTC communications. 
  4. Reporting and Tracking: The Maryland Tech Council will maintain records of all referrals and their outcomes. 
  5. Program Duration: The program will be ongoing and will reset each year on April 15th. The top three winners will be announced during a spring Maryland Tech Council signature event.
  6. Amendments and Termination: The Maryland Tech Council reserves the right to modify or terminate the program at its discretion, with reasonable notice to the members.
  7. Program Communication: The Maryland Tech Council will regularly communicate program updates, including results and recognition..
  8. Disputes: In the event of a dispute or disagreement, the Maryland Tech Council’s decision will be final and binding.
  9. Maryland Tech Council staff and board members are not eligible for prizes.
  10. The Maryland Tech Council reserves the right to make changes or updates to the rules as necessary. These rules are intended as a guideline. Specific terms and conditions may be determined by the Maryland Tech Council to suit its needs and circumstances.

Contact Information: For questions