Maryland Tech Council Launches Technology Inclusion Initiative to Advance Inclusivity within the State’s Tech Industry and Fuel Socioeconomic Advancement Throughout Maryland

Inaugural Technology Inclusivity Initiative (TI2) online event scheduled for May 18; Industry Leaders Throughout Maryland Encouraged to Attend

FREDERICK, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Maryland Tech Council (MTC) announced today the launch of its Technology Inclusivity Initiative (TI2), led by former CEO of CAMI, Stacey Smith, to coordinate and oversee this first-of-its-kind state-wide initiative. The inaugural online event is scheduled for May 18, 2021.

TI2 is an initiative that will capitalize on the strength of MTC as a statewide organization with over 470 members and countless local and national partners in the technology industry to identify, facilitate and enable solutions that advance diversity and inclusivity within technology organizations and the technology industry in Maryland. Additionally, TI2 will work to identify, facilitate and enable technology-based solutions that enable socioeconomic advancement and empowerment of underrepresented groups who have significant potential.

“Many disparities within and surrounding the technology sector existed pre-COVID and are expected to expand if there is no intervention,” said Marty Rosendale, MTC CEO. “Companies are looking for ways to positively impact not just the world at-large, but those in their own backyard. Through TI2, we hope to lay the groundwork for other states regarding how to develop and successfully run an inclusion program in key pockets in states where support is needed.”

TI2 will address disparities through convening industry partners in the following five key pockets of Maryland, and actionable solutions will then be developed that lead to the effective application of technology and expertise for communities and technology companies:

  • Western Maryland
  • Eastern Shore
  • Greater Baltimore
  • Southern Maryland
  • DC/Metro area

MTC will host its first public TI2 virtual event on May 18, 2021 entitled, “The Highs & Lows of a High-Tech Maryland: Setting the Stage for Workplace & Socioeconomic Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.” The panel discussion will feature several members of the TI2 Steering Committee, including Winston Philip who is the President of Sequivalent and serves as the chair of Journey Home, Baltimore’s Homelessness Continuum of Care Board. Mr. Philip was instrumental in working with Amazon Web Service’s Public Sector division to envision and design a cloud-based digital data locker called, “My Digital Data Locker” for the homeless in Baltimore to store personal records for access to healthcare and services. Representatives from national and local organizations focused on diversity, equity and inclusivity in the technology arena, including the Technology Policy Institute and Baltimore Tracks, will also participate.

The panel discussion, moderated by Linda Singh, CEO of Kaleidoscope Affect and former interim CEO of TEDCO, will include:

  • Digital inclusion insights gleaned from the Abell Foundation’s “Disconnected in Maryland” report presented by John Horrigan, Senior Fellow at the Technology Policy Institute
  • Highlights of an innovative partnership between global and local companies that illustrates technology solutions being used for the benefit of some of our most vulnerable citizens, homeless individuals and families
  • A look at a unique collaborative initiative that is elevating Diversity & Inclusivity in Baltimore’s technology companies
  • A brief look at one Maryland tech company putting its words into action with its “Tech for Good” practices and initiatives

Mr. Rosendale will open the program by providing the MTC’s Board of Directors’ motivation for creating the Technology Inclusivity Initiative. LaToya Staten will conclude the program by sharing the general plan of action developed by the TI2 Steering Committee, along with ways individuals, companies and organizations can get involved.

“Through this panel discussion, we’ll set the stage for the objectives and activities we’ll be focused on through MTC’s Technology Inclusivity Initiative and invite those throughout the state to join forces with us,” said LaToya Staten, TI2 Chair. “There’s a lot of work to be done to build a more inclusive tech industry and to use technology for the good of our communities. We’ll help amplify the efforts of those that are already doing this meaningful work, as well as identify and activate solutions to create a state where all individuals, businesses and communities can thrive through technology awareness, access and advancements.”

TI2 Steering Committee members include:

  • Marty Rosendale, CEO, MTC
  • Winston Philip, President, Sequivalent
  • LaToya Staten, Strategic Projects Specialist, Fearless (Serves as the Committee Chair for TI2)
  • David Tohn, CEO, BTS Software Solutions (Serves as the Chairman of the Board for MTC’s Technology Division)
  • Linda Sigh, CEO, Kaleidoscope Affect
  • Troy LeMaile-Stovall, CEO, TEDCO
  • Vennard Wright, CEO, Wave Welcome

The efforts for this initiative will be funded by program sponsorships, private partnerships and corporate funding through MTC’s Foundation. Companies and individuals interested in getting involved and/or financially supporting this initiative should register for the online event here.

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