SB 415
Public Health - Essential Generic Drugs - Price Gouging - Prohibition

The Maryland House of Representatives has worked diligently with a broad range of health care stakeholders, including patients, providers, and Maryland’s biopharmaceutical industry, to help address the critical problem of prescription drug price gouging that we have seen recently from some industry bad actors. The stakeholder cooperation, weeks of work, and half a dozen hearings resulted in a House bill that passed with broad support. Now, at the eleventh hour, the Attorney General is unilaterally proposing new amendments that would undo all of the work by the House, and would have severe implications on innovation and jobs in our state. Use the form below to contact your Senator and urge them to adopt S.B. 415 as agreed to by the House.

SB 437
Public Health - Expensive Drugs - Manufacturer Reporting and Drug Price Transparency Advisory Committee

Requiring, on or before March 31 each year, the manufacturer of an expensive drug sold or offered for sale in the State to file with the Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene a specified annual report; establishing the Drug Price Transparency Advisory Committee; requiring a manufacturer of an expensive drug to file a notice with the Secretary before increasing a specified price or a specified cost by more than a specified percentage or amount during specified periods of time; etc.

Sponsor: Senator Conway
Committee: Finance


2017- 2018