The Maryland Tech Council Venture Mentoring Services Program (MTC VMS Program) is one of the leading team mentoring services available in the State of Maryland that exists to foster an environment that encourages innovation and is both highly sophisticated and results-driven. It exists to foster an environment that encourages innovation, while expanding financial and business opportunities for Maryland-based cyber, tech, biotech, medtech and/or biopharmaceutical venture CEO’s.

The Program provides free team-based mentoring services to qualified Maryland-based tech and life science venture CEOs who are accepted into the program. The Program is designed to stay with the venture for the long-term by evolving the mentor teams to meet the venture’s needs as they move through stages of development to ensure they are capital market ready.

This unique mentoring program is based on the highly successful and internationally recognized MIT Venture Mentoring Services Program. It incorporates proven systems, data, processes, protocols, trends and ongoing measurement and continuous improvement to ensure its success. The Program is constantly improving and evolving by providing regular feedback and assessment to the mentors to ensure the success of every venture participating.

The MTC VMS Program was established in partnership with Montgomery County and is a thriving program of the Maryland Tech Council. Specially trained and hand-selected volunteer mentors are matched with carefully selected ventures to assist them in becoming successful operating companies. These mentors are successful entrepreneurs and specialists with knowledge in a variety of services including (but not limited to), marketing, business development and sales, accounting and financing, legal, public relations, human resources, investor relations, federal contracting, and mergers and acquisitions. Mentors are specially trained using the well-established MIT Venture Mentoring Services Program curriculum and counsel ventures through a method of asking questions and providing perspective to achieve their goals.