Congratulations #MTCVMS 2019 IAC Winners

The MTC Industry Awards Celebration honors the best in Maryland’s technology and life sciences communities as we recognize the work of individuals and companies that have changed the landscape of their industries.

By now you all know that this program, based on the highly successful MIT program was born here in Maryland 3 years ago and last week, we recognized the success of this special program with three unique honorees.

Our best examples, of success with the VMS – by the way – all of our mentors and mentee companies are fantastic; picking a few for recognition was virtually impossible – but our recognition went to our Mentor (Volunteer) of the Year and two Mentee Companies of the Year.

Mentor of the Year

Tom Thomson

Tom joined the VMS in 2017 and has given more than 90 hours of volunteer time to five companies and works with the managing committee on special projects. Tom’s passion, motivation and strategic leadership are a genuine reminder of what it means to give back.

Mentee Companies of the Year

Gemstone Biotherapeutics

Emily English, CEO, joined the VMS program in May 2018 and is listed as one of the 5 Stem Cell companies to watch in the BioHealth Capital Region. Gemstone Biotherapeutics is a privately held, pre-clinical research and development company in Baltimore and established with in-licensed technology from Johns Hopkins University.


Vishal Chintawar, Founder, joined the VMS program in September 2018. Givhero is a mobile app which connects to health & fitness trackers to set and achieve goals and lets users turn health and fitness achievements into charitable contributions.

“Volunteers, mentors and entrepreneurs were recognized for their support, vison and the tough challenges they face every day to stay the course or change directions” said Marty Rosendale, Chief Executive Officer, Maryland Tech Council.  “This was a night to remember, and the finalists and winners should be proud of their accomplishments.”

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