We are one of the leading team mentoring services for tech, cyber and life science start-ups available in the State of Maryland that exists to foster an environment that encourages innovation.

The program was established in partnership with Montgomery County, but belongs uniquely to the Maryland Tech Council. Specially trained teams of volunteers with expertise in entrepreneurial activity and start-up businesses, are matched with carefully selected ventures to assist them in becoming successful operating companies.

The program is based on a team mentoring approach modeled after the highly-successful MIT Venture Mentoring Service which has been implemented in more than 94 communities around the globe.  The results have been stunning in terms of capital raised, job growth and company survival.  Mentors and ventures participate by invitation.  There is no fee to the venture for the mentoring program.

The ultimate goal of the program is to bring employment opportunities and capital to the area in the technology and life sciences fields by helping companies to grow faster. The MTC VMS will provide mentoring services to Maryland tech and life sciences companies with a demonstrated proof of concept that are preparing for their first venture or institutional financing.

We involve highly qualified volunteer mentors who are committed to providing valuable advice in a team setting.