Mark Grant

Over 25 years of experience in roles ranging from CFO/COO and project manager with highly developed skills in financial, operational and project management. Forte includes a passion for client satisfaction, with a reputation for creative financial system design, implementation, developing and re-engineering accounting business processes, support, and maintenance and reporting. A critical problem solver in all cases.

Proven ability to drive and deliver superior results in a client centric, fast paced, high-pressured environment, with a full understanding of the need for excellence in performance by the entire team to make any business successful. In addition to knowing how systems work and need to work together, expertise included the ability to motivate people to embrace change, learn new systems and ensure the highest levels of systems operation and client satisfaction from any organization or department.

With over 750 satisfied firms, a track record of success in establishing and/or operating accounting, finance, human resource, compliance and administrative departments to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, timeliness, cost effectiveness while enhancing staff capabilities.

Both profit and not-for-profit clients, include law, accounting, professional services, forensic/investigative and financial firms, trade associations, unions, broker dealers, construction companies and many others.