Who is eligible to participate?

  • Technical and life sciences companies led by an individual or individuals working full time on the business
  • Technical and life sciences companies, with a nexus to Maryland
  • Technical and life sciences companies with a demonstrated proof of concept
  • Technical and life sciences companies preparing for their first venture or institutional financing and who wish to form a mentoring relationship with MTC VMS

Is the Mentee Company responsible for any fees?

The available resources of MTC VMS shall be offered without charge to all mentors and mentees.

Are there rules or expectations for Mentee Companies?

Mentees who participate in the MTC VMS should understand and are expected to abide by a statement of principles and guidelines.

Mentees will sign and acknowledgement and release form.

How do I apply?

To apply, complete and submit the online application. All information provided by applicants will be kept confidential.

How does the process work? 

The program is based on a team mentoring approach modeled after the highly-successful MIT Venture Mentoring Service which has been implemented in more than 74 communities around the globe.  

Potential mentees whose applications are accepted will have the opportunity to present to potential mentors at a monthly mentor meeting. Members of each mentor team are selected with the Mentee’s concurrence following the presentation. Teams generally meet every 4-6 weeks with potential digital and voice communication between sessions. The approach is very much mentee driven.