Capital M Podcast Live

Marty is taking “Capital M” Podcast Live! This series is designed to give you access to his conversations and resources to navigate through your operational challenges. Capital M will broadcast live every week via Zoom with invited executive from the life science, technology, government and service companies in the region.


A Podcast Addressing Capital Markets in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic

Raising equity capital has been described as one of the biggest challenges for early and mid stage companies in the Mid-Atlantic. With the launch of the Capital M podcast, the Maryland Tech Council (MTC) hopes to address capital markets in this region and elevate the conversation to help companies prepare for the market. Marty Rosendale, CEO of MTC and host of the podcast, sits down with top executives who have successfully raised capital to discuss access to capital, what it means to be ready for the capital markets in this region, and their strategy for engaging with Venture Capital investors and Private Equity firms. Join the conversation!

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