Maryland Legislators Should Take Steps to Protect Maryland Jobs, the Innovation Economy
Maryland Tech Council Hosts Patient Advocacy Summit on Importance of Access to Innovative Treatments
January 18, 2018

The Maryland Tech Council is hosting a summit, featuring patient and physician advocates, legislators, and industry representatives, to hear from advocates across the state about the importance of access to innovative treatments and the patient advocacy priorities for the 2018 legislative session.

As Maryland legislators consider new legislative proposals, including potentially onerous drug pricing legislation, the Maryland Tech Council urges legislators to advance the principles that make our state great: encouraging competition to improve patient access to care, stabilizing existing drug product availability, and maintaining investment in the Maryland innovation economy.

Biotechnology innovation helps Maryland patients access cures and advancements in treatments that they need. It also creates jobs for Marylanders – the biotechnology industry employs more than 41,000 Marylanders in high-paying jobs. It’s time for Maryland legislators to do their job to keep our innovation economy rolling.

We urge all Maryland legislators to take steps to protect vital life sciences industry jobs in Maryland and encourage continued investment in the innovative cures of tomorrow.