Bio+Tech18 Conference

Bio+Tech18 supports MTC’s mission by providing a forum for life science and technology professionals to exchange ideas and explore partnerships. In addition, Bio+Tech18 supports MTC’s vision of positioning Maryland as a top-three innovation economy for technology and life sciences as well as the next “Silicon Valley” for these two industries.  To participate, you must be an MTC member. 

Staff Liaison: 

Wendy Worm, Vice President, Marketing and Programs

Committee members

  • Ray Briscuso, Life Science Conference Group
  • Patrick Burke, Amarex
  • Christine Dunn, ArcPoint Strategy
  • Mary Kraft, Hewlett Packard
  • George Moonsammy, VLP Therapeutics
  • Jerry Parrott, BioMarker Strategies
  • Joana Rosario, Health R&D
  • Linda Segal, The McCormick Group
  • Gayatri Varma, MedImmune